Texas Revs go where no team has gone before

Frisco, TX: The Texas Revolution of the Champions Indoor Football (CIF) league will attempt to raise a sizable donation for the Boys & Girls Club of Collin County by offering the community the unusual opportunity to donate their way onto the professional football teams roster by simply being the highest bidder. The team announced their “Anyone Can Be A Pro” initiative at a press conference held at the ID Life headquarters in Frisco today.

“This concept will present something that has never been offered before in history…not in any sport at any level,” said Hall-of-Famer and Revs General Manager Tim Brown. “A local person, regardless of age, gender, or health condition will be signing a professional football contract, issued a uniform, be welcomed at practice, team meals, long bus rides, a spot on the bench, and at autograph sessions with the rest of the accomplished athletes on the team for the entirety of the 2017 season.”

In an effort to raise money for charity in 2015, then Revs fan and now team investor Roger Klotz (68 years old) made a large donation for the opportunity to go through the motions of being a player for just one game including a pre-game practice, dressing in uniform with the team, participating on the bench (without playing) and at the post-game autograph session.

“Roger was a great inspiration to the team at that time and now, serves as the inspiration behind this idea, said team CEO Tommy Benizio. “That event coupled with my recently developed friendship with the Boys & Girls Club of Collin County President Mike Simpson and my understanding of the invaluable work done by this special group led to the formation of this idea.”

A live auction will be held during a special event at Show Business Studios in Las Colinas, Texas on Thursday, January 26th. Qualified bidders will participate in an Iron Chef contest and other events all to benefit the BGCCC leading up to the live auction. Persons interested in participating should contact the Revolution at 972-422-7277.

Also on hand at the news conference today was Dr. Douglas Won, CEO of Lumin Heath Care and the Revs official hospital, Star Medical Center in Plano.

“It will be the objective of my staff to monitor and strive to keep this unique player happy and healthy throughout this experience, just like we do for the entire Revolution roster of athletes.”

A similar effort will be made to ensure the good health of this new addition, as well as all of the Revolution players with the assistance of ID Life Nutrition.

“We are proud to be partnering with the Texas Revolution and to see the team benefit from our customized supplements as they work towards a championship this season,” said Logan Stout, ID Life Founder and CEO.

The Texas Revolution are a professional football team playing indoors at the Allen Event Center showcasing near-NFL caliber talent while competing with teams from across America. In addition to their predecessors enrolling Terrell Owens as an indoor football player, the Revolution also rostered the first-ever female running back in Dr. Jen Welter who used the team as a stepping stone to becoming the first female coach in NFL history. Training camp begins in mid-February and the season kicks off at home on February 24th.

##Go Revs##