Field Level Seating

Our new Field-Level Seating offers fans the chance to be part of the action! Sitting right on our Dasher Boards surrounding the field, you will be pushing the players out of your laps as they fly into the stands and knock the hot dog right out of your hand!

Beware of high-flying footballs as they too often find a way to end up in the hands of our field-level ticket holders, but don’t worry, you can keep them and take them into Papa Johns for Free Pizza for a Year!

Skybox Level

If you are looking to watch the game from the same level as the coaches or just want to be above some of the ruckus, then our Skybox level is perfect for you. This year, for larger outings, we even have an exclusive Skybox party suite perfect for corporate gatherings or big groups.

All of our Skybox Level seating comes with access to exclusive dining options as well as private bathrooms and elevators directly to Valet Parking below.

Field Level Seats:

Our Field Level seats offer a chance to sit right on the field and experience the action as if you were a player! To make sure you only get the best possible experience, there is only one row of these seats so every single one of these one hundred (100) seats is right on the wall!

By purchasing a season field level seat, you gain exclusive Centurion Club perks, including Valet Parking underneath the stadium, early and easy field level access and more!

Field Level Suites:

If you want to enjoy our field-level seating with 6-8 of your closest family and friends, or just make some clients feel special, then our field level suites are perfect for you! All twenty-five (25) suites are located right on the field and allow you to enjoy high-paced football action while being able to conduct business or catch up in a private box.

In addition to Valet Parking, you will also have a waiter take your order so you never have to leave the action!


If you are looking to enjoy a luxurious, traditional game suite experience, then one of our Skyboxes will suit your needs. These suites overlook our games from the top of the arena and give you a perfect bird’s eye view of Stonewater Roofing field.

All three (3) of our suites include Valet Parking, access to private bathrooms and elevators and special dining options!

Party Suite:

For the first time ever, we are offering a beautiful party Skybox for up to fifty (50) people! Our party suite is perfect for corporate outings, birthday parties or any other large gathering.

In addition to Valet Parking, you will have access to Legends Catering for premium dining, private elevators and bathrooms in addition to your group ticket perks!